Craig Marlowe

a designer who wants to make the world a more beautiful place —

Do you find yourself passing by businesses and envisioning yourself transforming them into the next big thing solely through the magic of creative design and marketing? That pretty much sums up my day to day. Whether it’s re-designing an entire website or simplifying a take-out menu, I love the idea of helping a great business that has all the right ideas but not the visual appeal to match. I aim to create intuitive solutions that will improve the lives of the people I work with and the communities that surround them. I studied New Media Design at Rochester Institute of Technology and received my BFA in 2012. 

Web Designer & Front-End Devoloper 

I’m a web designer and front-end developer helping companies and individuals launch (or more often re-launch) professional, modern, and highly reliable websites. I focus on high level UX/UI design, SEO, user testing, and quality typography to make websites that are incredibly easy and delightful to use. But more importantly, I help individuals succeed in designing companies that match their own unique vision. I love to talk with people about their projects. Send me an email at craig@craigmarlowedesignsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

My History

I was previously a New Media Designer in the sustainable building and construction fields. I was there for 5 years with three sister companies and joined as the only designer. During the time I was there, I had helped the team grow to support a second location on the west coast, and even developed a secondary website to support new business in Japan. As part of a small team we worked together to redesign multiple websites—including brand new websites and blogs supporting their woodworking division.

I’ve worked on major new e-commerce platforms for the prestige and luxury beauty industry using both Joomla and most recently Shopify. I’ve helped multiple individuals go from nothing to a fully functional business in a short time, and worked with franchises supporting multiple sites across the country.  

 I studied New Media Design at Rochester Institute of Technology and received my BFA in 2012. 

Design Philosophy

I love typography and simplicity. I talk to clients and partners to figure out what their vision is and represent that in the simplest and most concise way possible. I design for the way (clients) want to be perceived. I listen to those people and solidify their goals to make their experiences more rich. In the end, I design to give the most information with the least amount of distraction.

A little extra

You can learn a little bit more about me and my other passion (music) on Soundcloud or Facebook.